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I didn’t knew my kids were so creative. They got to together and came up with a nice storyline. Can’t wait to watch…

Ms Nancy Ng

It something really coool to expose your kid to.

En Ishak - Pandan Indah KL:

My kid created some small animations and I helped him transfer them to his mobile phone.
He showed it to all his friends in school. This really lifted his self esteem and made him believe in himself.

Dominic See - Kuala Lumpur

I stopped buying Cartoon DVDs for my kid….I buy blank DVDs for them instead…. for them to save their own home made Cartoons and to share with all their friends.


My kids created two games. They keep challenging each other in outdoing who can perform more difficult and more challenging game. It was a different scenario previously…. They use challenge each other in playing games but now they challenge in making a game. Hahaha

Kamaruddin - Kuala Lumpur

We now look forward to see our daughter’s first creative animation, seems lots of fun in it with some suspense at the end.

Mr & Mrs Bernard Tan - Petaling Jaya

Thanks to Young Animators, my kids are
engrossed in more productive works these days.

Chua SK - Kuala Lumpur

My son has been able to come up with his own set of cartoon series to be watched by all of us. Its fun to see our kid coming with their wild ideas.

Adelyn Ang - Bukit Segar, KL