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  • Junior game design program help kids to explore their imagination
  • Character design for game
  • Kids learn to make rules, customize control and style for their own game.
  • Group projects or activities for them to work as a team in create games in the class.

Children LOVE games, especially computer games. They talk about them, they play them, and they brag about their accomplishments. Children also love to challenge each other in these games, so much so that an entire industry has developed around playing games offline and online.

Every child is born intelligent


Game design


Yet, children seek to understand how people make the computer games they play. How does the video game know where the special coins are in Super Mario? How does it know when Zelda saves the Princess? Our Junior Game Design course shows them the Answers.

    • Great introduction into computer programming and logic-based thinking.
    • Learn how to create gaming characters.
    • Learn how to create rules to make their characters walk but not accidentally walk through walls, pick up gold coins, make sound effects, and add backgrounds.
    • Learn how to program the keyboard to control their character.
    • Write a story for their character and design a video game to coincide.
    • Students will play each otherís game, offering compliments, suggestions, and encouragement along the way.

Think creatively through game design

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